Marion McMurdo is a native of Troon in Ayrshire and graduated in medicine from the University of Dundee in 1980. After a period of general training she worked in Clinical Pharmacology as Deputy Medical Director of Drug Development (Scotland) Limited, before choosing to specialise in Medicine for the Elderly. She was appointed to the newly created Chair of Ageing and Health in 1997. Key research interests are exercise in old age, nutrition and the cardiology of old age.

Professor McMurdo has served on the research committees of the Chief Scientist's Office since 1991, formerly as Vice-Chairman of the Disability and Continuing Health Care Committee, and latterly as a member of the Biomedical and Therapeutics Committee. She was an appointed member of the Scottish Health and Physical Activity Council.

She was founding Chair of the Falls and Bone Health Section of the British Geriatrics Society, and past President of BGS (Scotland). She is external tutor to the World Health Organisation's International Institute on Ageing.

She received the Lady Illingworth Prize in 2001 an award made to the UK clinician considered to have made the greatest contribution to improving the quality of life of older people through research. In 2005 she was identified by the British Medical Association as one of 14 UK academic role models as part of a national campaign to promote careers in academic medicine.

She is co-founder and director of Dorothy Dobson Developments Limited. A University of Dundee Limited Company. A network of over-60s exercise classes has been established throughout the United Kingdom.

Recent Publications

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