Dr Tony Roth PhD, is Joint Course Director of the Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology at University College London. He has worked in hospital and community settings within the NHS for over 20 years, and his clinical interests focus on interventions for adult mental health problems. Reflecting a research interest in the development of a clearer evidence-base for training, he was commissioned by the English Department of Health (along with Peter Fonagy) to identify evidence for the impact of the psychological therapies, a review that emerged as the first edition of “What Works for Whom? A Critical Review of Psychotherapy Research”. A second revised and expanded edition was published in 2005.

He has written widely about the application of evidence in standard clinical settings, and has contributed to the development of national treatment guidelines. Currently he is undertaking work aimed at identifying the competencies therapists need to deliver psychological therapies. The first product of this programme (a CBT competence framework) was published recently by the Department of Health, and will be followed in 2008 by equivalent frameworks for psychodynamic, systemic and humanistic psychotherapies.