I am currently involved in three major programme of research around pain in older adults. The first is a cross council programme of research under the Lifelong Health & Well Being banner which is Engaging with Older Adults in Designing and Developing Strategies for the Self Management of Chronic Pain (EOPIC) and the second project is New technologies to support older people at home: maximising personal and social interaction funded by dot.rural and the third project is an EU funded programme Pain Assessment in Patients with Impaired Cognition, especially Dementia. I have just completed a local study funded by HIEC looking at education of staff to improve the management of pain in adults with dementia within an acute trust. I  have a number of books and publications in the area.

I currently lead the guideline development group supported by the BPS/BGS developing guidelines for the management of pain in older adults. To be published in March 2013. I have previously been involved in the development of guidelines for the assessment of pain in older adults.
I am chair of the British Pain Society – Pain in Older Adults, Special Interest Group and chair of IASP Subcommittee on Education (Pain in Older Adults SIG).

I am currently joint editor of Journal of Pain Management.