I have a PhD in psychology from the University of Nottingham and an MA in psychotherapy from the University of Sheffield.

Professional affiliations
I am a registered psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

I co-organise the Critical Sexology group which presents open interdisciplinary seminars on sexuality three times a year.

I organise the conference programme for the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) as well as being on the editorial board of their journal.

I co-edit the Taylor & Francis journal Psychology & Sexuality with Darren Langdridge and am on the editorial boards of Sexualities, Porn Studies, the Journal of Popular Romance Studies, and the European Journal of Ecopsychology.

I wrote the popular psychology book on relationships, Rewriting the Rules, and my Rewriting the Rules blog associated with this project is available online.

I was a founding member of BiUK who produce The Bisexuality Report and guidelines for researchers and writers on bisexuality. We co-organised the national BiReCon event in 2008 and the international one in 2010: day conferences for bisexuality researchers, activists and organisations and groups who want to learn more about bisexual experience.

I co-organised the seminar series Pornified: Complicating the debates on the sexualisation of culture and am part of the Onscenity network and co-organise the Sense about Sex ESRC and Wellcome funded projects.

My book on mindfulness for counsellors and therapists is out in late 2013. The associated website Social Mindfulness is already available online.

I am on the board of gender and sexuality talks: public events on these topics in London.

Course development and teaching
I am chair of Counselling: exploring fear and sadness (D240) (Level 2 Counselling) and on the team producing Living psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary (DD210) (Level 2 Psychology). I am also involved, more broadly, with the Foundation Degree in Counselling (X09) at The Open University. I was a critical reader for The science of the mind: investigating mental health (SDK228).

Research interests
My research focuses on identities and relationships. Particularly I am interested in social norms and rules around sexuality and gender and how these impact both those who try to meet them and those who transgress them. Most of my research has been conducted within sexual communities, focusing on bisexuality, BDSM, and open non-monogamy. I have used various qualitative methods (interviews, discussions, on-line questionnaires, analysis of web materials, and creative methods) to investigate the ways in which people in these communities negotiate their identities and relationships. I have also analysed the representations of such identities and relationships in mainstream media and in psychology textbooks.

I practice as a sexual and relationship therapist which enables me to work directly with people who are exploring sexuality and relationships in their own lives. I am interested in bringing together existential, Buddhist and social constructionist theories in my work and practice. I also conduct workshops and write for therapists who are working with sexual or gender minority clients.

I regularly contribute to the Open University Society Matters blog, as well as my own blogs on relationships and mindfulness.

On YouTube, you can watch my 90 second lecture on sex therapy, my introduction to bisexuality research in the UK, and my video on doing Valentine's Day differently. The Polyamory Project provides an audio clip of my lecture on non-monogamous relationships. There is an interview with me on the Bi Cities TV show.