Career History
Professor Stores is Emeritus Professor of Developmental Neuropsychiatry in the University of Oxford. His background includes psychiatry, clinical neurophysiology, neurology and psychology. He has directed sleep disorders, epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology services for patients of all ages referred from throughout the United Kingdom and has undertaken extensive research on the diagnosis, consequences and treatment of sleep disorders and epilepsy. His teaching and training activities include courses for paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists and others involved in child and adult healthcare, as well as medical students and other postgraduate groups. He has lectured widely in the UK and other countries. His many publications include papers and chapters in top rank international journals and textbooks, and several books. His special interests in the sleep disorders field are the parasomnias including nocturnal seizures, causes of excessive daytime sleepiness, adolescent sleep problems, sleep disturbance in children with a neurodevelopmental disorder and the misinterpretation of sleep disorders such as those secondary to epilepsy.