Professor Else Guthrie

Consultant in Psychological Medicine
Honorary Professor of Psychological Medicine Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Professor Guthrie is a former Chair of the Faculty of Liaison Psychiatry, Royal College of Psychiatrists and a former UK Vice President of the Society for Psychotherapy Research. She is a past Programme Director of the North West Higher Training Scheme in General Psychiatry and is currently Chair of the Research Committee of the Birtish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Professor Guthrie is particularly interested in research which focuses on the relationship between emotional factors, depression and physical symptoms. She is also interested in psychological therapies and has conducted a series of randomised controlled trials to test the effectiveness of psychological treatment in people with co-existing physical and psychological ill health problems. She has shown that psychological treatments can be both efficacious but also cost-effectiveness if targeted appropriately at those patients in most need of help. She has also recently demonstrated the effectiveness of brief psychotherapy for people who self-harm.