Conor Duggan is Professor and Head of Section of Forensic Mental Health at the Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the Arnold Lodge Regional Secure Unit in Leicester.

Conor's original training was in the biological sciences in 1968 where he received a first class honours from the National University of Ireland. Conor then went to New York to further his studies at Fordham University, New York before returning to Ireland where he gained his PhD in the department of Zoology at the University College Cork in 1972. Conor graduated in Medicine from University College, Cork in 1980, and gained further medical qualifications including a distinction for his MD.

His medical career has spanned three decades to date and his original scientific roots have showed in his interests in genetics and psychiatry. He spent several years as a researcher in the genetics department at the IOP before finding his way to forensic psychiatry and his current chair of Professor of Forensic Mental Health in 1998 at the University Of Leicester and since 2004 at the University of Nottingham.

Conor has made several important contributions to areas in his field of forensic psychiatry. He has evaluated the long –term outcome of those discharged from secure settings in six studies and two are ongoing. Conor has made a significant contribution to several systematic reviews in association with the Cochrane Developmental and Psychosocial Interventions Group commissioned by the Department of Health. He has produced twenty new or updated Cochrane reviews and was also chair of the ASPD NICE guideline. He has been central to the production of high quality evidence by contributing to a number of randomised controlled trails.

His current clinical work as the lead consultant in the Personality Disorder Service at Arnold Lodge has been recognised nationally as being of high quality as evidenced by its Beacon status on 2001.