Anne was born in Scotland, studying at St Andrews' University, and began her working life as a languages teacher, teaching for 10 years in challenging secondary schools in Yorkshire and the Midlands. From there she had a few home-based years with her daughter, before returning to work in a large community-based church with responsibilities for safeguarding and pastoral care, for a further 10 years. She then chose to work for the charity the Trussell Trust, with responsibility to grow community foodbank projects in the West Midlands- from 2 to 40 in 4 years- and now oversees the North of England and Northern Ireland for the charity, managing 5 regional officers and their 150 foodbank projects.
In her free time, Anne is studying for her Masters in Justice, Advocacy and Reconciliation at Redcliffe College in Gloucester, and will begin her dissertation later this year in the area of social justice. She and husband Simon also enjoy travel, reading, and visiting Oxford, where daughter, Kate now studies.

The presentation will include:

• The rationale supporting our model of foodbank project: community asset-based, referral by front-line care professional etc
• The current statistics of foodbank use and the reasons foodbanks are accessed by various groups
• The important corporate partnerships and not-for-profit partnerships which give sustainability to the foodbank network
• The benefits of national network membership to local projects vs independent models

There will undoubtedly also be fresh "happenings" to include by September- one being an unrolling of healthy eating on a budget across the UK, and another the implementation of a "More than Food" series of additional skills and services as part of foodbank development.